Peace, Justice and Human Rights

Development Counterpart (DC) sees peace as inseparable from justice and the extension of human rights as a fundamental ethical obligation. Armed violence and insecurity have ravaged economies and have contributed to sexual violence, crime, and blatant disregard of human rights. We believe that advocacy of responsible social action can mobilize communities against violence and cultivate a moral concern that how people ought to live. Participatory interventions to strengthen rule of law and promotion of human rights are the key to curbing violence.

To advance peace goals, Development Counterpart will continue to:

  • Support and implement interventions in strengthening rule of law, relevant public institutions for universal access to justice including promotion of alternate dispute resolution mechanisms, public access to information, protection of fundamental freedoms, prevention of violence, countering violent extremism and reduction of crime.
  • Support peace and stability for improved social cohesion and interfaith harmony and other initiatives to bridge the gap between the state and the society.
  • Support interventions for countering violent extremism narrative.
  • Assist post-war and post-conflict communities in recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Mobilize public, particularly the youth, to promote a narrative of peaceful resolution of conflict and promotion of peace-making values.
  • Liaise and partner with all the stakeholders working for peace, social cohesion and prevention of violent extremism through education.
  • Build capacities of the communities in practical tools for peaceful living including skills and methods for conflict resolution and prevention of violent extremism..
  • Strengthen Police Community Relations to create an enabling environment for more responsive and effective local police department with community based oversight mechanisms.
  • Strengthen Alternate Dispute Resolution mechanisms to provide basic and speedy resolution of small disputes and claims at the local level.

In the thematic area of peace, justice and human rights, we have implemented multiple projects. These projects involved youth empowerment, community mobilization, advocacy campaigns, capacity building and awareness activities.

We worked alongside UNDP, UNICEF, DAI, Care International and Creative Associates in our efforts to meet the global targets related to peace, justice and human rights.

Major Projects under the Thematic Area of Peace, Justice and Human Rights
Sr. No. Project Name Project Year’s Budget in PKR Funding Source Implemented By
1 Accountable humanitarian governance for an effective and accountable disaster preparedness and response 2016 5,000,000 Care International YO
2 Peace Building Through Youth Empowerment 2016 14,300,000 DAI PDO
3 Peace Building Through Youth Empowerment 2016 43,100,000 DAI PDO
4 16 Days of Activism 2015 2,900,000 Creative Associates PDO
5 Economic Empowerment of Farmers 2015 3,310,000 Creative Associates PDO
6 Peace restoration and development through youth involvement 2011-2012 1,390,000 UNDP, Peshawar ABKT
7 Restoration of peace and promotion of peace and development through community mobilization 2010 1,183,200 United Nation Development Program (UNDP) ABKT
8 Promotion of Peace and Development in conflict affected Malakand 2010 1,386,840 United Nation Development Program ABKT