Quality access to life-long learning opportunities remains an unfulfilled global goal. While traditional notions of development are scrutinized and are being replaced, education’s role in development is being transformed. Development Counterpart (DC) believes that education is the tool to promote human capability and can help advance the goals of social justice and economic productivity. Education aligned with local values and cultures can create understanding of differences among communities, mitigate conflict and crisis, and reduce inequality, poverty and disease. These goals are aligned with United Nations SDG 4.

To advance education goals, DC will continue to:

  • Mobilize all resources for up gradation of educational institutions and mechanisms for improved quality of education and learning outcomes.
  • Assist provincial/area governments in effective implementation of article 25-A of the Constitutional amendment pertaining to free and compulsory education of all children of age between 5-16 years.
  • Support interventions for effective, inclusive, safe and non-violent learning environments for all.
  • Support interventions for the improvement of overall quality of education, and education governance and financing mechanisms to address the education emergency in the country.
  • Support all partners in realizing a collective vision of educational excellence and equity for all
  • Train community leaders to take charge of education initiatives
  • Assist governing agencies in adopting best practices to improve learning goals
  • Advocate policies that enhance inclusive and quality education for all with lifelong learnings

We have implemented projects in improving the situation of education in the country. These projects were intended to bring reforms in the education sector by strengthening formal education, capacity building of teachers, provision of missing facilities in educational institutions, enhancing access to basic educational services.

UNHCR, CHIP, AGC, CRS, FAFEN, NEF, Prime Minister Literacy Program, NRSP, PIDS and Ministry of Federal Education have been our partners in improving the situation of education in the country.

Major Projects under the Thematic Area of Education
Sr. No. Project Name Project Year’s Budget in PKR Funding Source Implemented By
1 Countrywide Campaign for Reforms in Education Sector 2014 700,000 TDEA/FAFEN YO
2 Strengthening formal education in UC Ajram by improvement of missing facilities in school (RAHA) 2014 15,400,000 UNHCR YO
3 Provision of basic skill (vocational and technical) 2005-2007 540,000 CHIP ABKT
4 Establishment and provision of Non formal basic  education school and food for education 2004 1,260,000 Prime Minster Literacy Program (PMLC), National Education foundation, (NEF) and CRS ABKT
5 Food for education program in different Schools  Dir. 1996 756,000 CRS ABKT