Civil Society and Governance

Development Counterpart (DC) realizes the importance of partnerships and is working with both citizens and governments to assist in devising new mechanisms for cooperative actions. We inform and assist communities to interact constructively with their governments. We also enable governments in the implementation of transparent and accountable policies for improved institutional performance of public service delivery. DC believes that, inter alia, improved governance mechanisms crosscutting all thematic areas are essential to meet the development challenges.

To advance improved governance goals, DC will continue to:

  • Mobilize and strengthen capacities of Communities, Civil Society and public institutions for improved Public Service Delivery and Governance Mechanisms.
  • Build capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) to voice and in taking up their rightful role in civic life
    Provide advocacy support to citizens seeking government responsiveness and policy reform.
  • Assist governments in devising mechanisms to include citizens’ input in the decision making process
    Strengthen government and CSO capacity to collaboratively fight corruption.
  • Mobilize citizens to form structured groups for developing linkages between the state and the citizens to empower communities
    and undertake steps for social cohesion through Public Private Partnerships.
  • Foster partnership and mutual investment in community development among all stakeholders notably government and the CSOs.

We have implemented civil society and governance programs nationally. These programs spanned over numerous components, namely election management and oversight, support for parliamentary processes, political awareness and education, social mobilization for strengthening democratic system, and assist local governments.

We worked with UNDP, USAID, DFID, The Asia foundation, the Ministry of Women Development, Aurat Foundation, SAP-PK, and FAFEN to address the civil society and governance issues in Pakistan.

Major Projects under the Thematic Area of  Civil Society and Governance
Sr. No. Project Name Project Year’s Budget in PKR Funding Source Implemented By
1 Deepening democracy and Election Support (DESP) 2016-2017 1,300,000 TDEA FAFEN YO
2 Citizen’s Action for Democratic Governance in Pakistan 2015-2016 800,000 TDEA-FAFEN YO
3 Importance of Local Government 2015 1,450,000 USAID (Citizen Voice Project) PDO
4 Jamhori Maidan (strengthening Political and democratic system in Malakand) 2013-2015 46,408,505 Conflict pool DFID/British High Commission Islamabad ABKT
5 Long term election observation oversight project 2014 5,300,000 FAFEN/ TDEA YO
6 Jamhori Maidan (Political education and election monitoring) 2013 546,000 Conflict pool British High Commission Islamabad ABKT
7 Supporting Transparency, Accountability & Electoral Processes in Pakistan (STAEP) 2013 9,000,000 The Asia Foundation YO
8 Supporting Women’s CNIC registration (GEP) 2012-2013 2,078,000 USAID YO
9 Awareness on women political participation and Election observation 2005 760,000 SAP-PK ABKT