• Eradicate Poverty And Ensure Food Security For Everyone

Thematic Areas and Objectives

  1. 1
    Economic Sustainability

    Development Counterpart (DC) identifies four areas of intervention to achieve economic sustainability of communities. These areas are;livelihood, energy, poverty eradication, food security and disaster risk reduction.Read More

  2. 2
    Civil Society and Governance

    Development Counterpart (DC) realizes the importance of partnerships and is working with both citizens and governments to assist in devising new mechanisms for cooperative actions. We inform and assist communities to interact constructively with their governments.Read More

  3. 3
    Health and WASH

    We, at Development Counterpart (DC), expressly advocate healthy strong populations as a prerequisite to sustainable development. The interwoven link of poverty and public health presses the need of access to safe water.Read More

  4. 4
    Peace, Justice and Human Rights

    Development Counterpart (DC) sees peace as inseparable from justice and the extension of human rights as a fundamental ethical obligation. Armed violence and insecurity have ravaged economies and have contributed to sexual violence, crime, and blatant disregard of human rights.Read More

  5. 5

    Quality access to life-long learning opportunities remains an unfulfilled global goal. While traditional notions of development are scrutinized and are being replaced, education’s role in development is being transformed.Read More

  6. 6

    Development Counterpart gives utmost important to gender issues that arise from hierarchical relations of power between women and men in their communities. Gender hierarchies are often accepted as natural.Read More